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Have just read your Le Mesurier history and intrigued to find Henry Peveril Le Mesurier who married my great great grandmother Mary Stewart in Paris.  Your wife and I seem to have alot in common, even if years ago!  Would like to hear from you, if at all possible. as you wrote this in 2012.  Sent you an email direct but thought I would double check.  I now understand why my mother had a herd of Jersey Cattle, she made many trips to Guernsey and Jersey.    Best wishes,  Jacky Owen,


Ray Le Mesurier-Foster wrote (24/11/2012 12:18:31):

Ray Le Mesurier-Foster wrote (24/11/2012 11:21:14):

I have noted that Penelope Graham, Irene Stewart and "Sheila" have been asking about Allan Stewart and his son Hay Tweedle Stewart. We do know a lot about this family as my wife Mary is a direct descendant. Would all three of you be able to contact me on as I would like to know how you are involved in this family. For all you know you might be related to my Mary!!

I have found Marilyn Stewart of Gladstone, Queensland, Australia wrote in February 2009 about Colin Stewart with parent Allan Stewart. This is the same line so please get in contact Marylyn!