the Black McColls of Appin / Glasdrum by Scott J McColl - written 11/01/2015 15:19:48

Hello again everyone, I am having trouble finding information on the Black McColls of Glasdrum and Appin. I have seen reference to them in papers left by Hugh G MacColl (kept in the archives in Fort William) as well as a John dubh beag (John black and strong). I am wondering if these Black McColls are descendents of Black Solomon (Sollamh dubh), purportedly son of Coll, an "illegitimate" son of Black Donald, claimnant to the throne as Lord of the Isles. Black Solomon made his was to Appin where he started a second family (first wife died in Ross). Any and all info on the Black Solomon, the Black McColls of Glasdrum and Appin will be greatly appreciated.   Thx,  Scott