RE: Tyson's, Airds Lodge by Alasdair Macmillan - written 18/10/2014 18:22:07

Airds Lodge was the lodge house serving Airds House, which still sits on the bublic road to Port Appin, at the head of the bay between the Church of Scotland Manse and Ardtur. I wonder if he might have been emplyed by Airds as a mason?


Interestingly if you try to view the house on Google Streetview, it is now greyed out as they do with the homes of the very famous. I wonder who lives there now? Map link below,-5.3912114,3a,75y,123.18h,76.93t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sxLR_7uZuIesADpcREQ-UbQ!2e0


Info on the house here, click on the photo once opened to enlarge:








Fiona M wrote (09/10/2014 20:05:14):


My Great, Great Grandfather William Tyson was born in Adtur, 1864. I am trying to find out the reason why his father James Tyson moved to Appin from Cumbria.

James Tyson was a stonemason and I am wondering if anyone has any knowledge of if there was specific masonry work happening around that time that would entice a young man to move north to Appin?

The 1881 census lists William Tyson as living with his Aunt, Margaret McKechnie, in Airds Lodge, does anyone have any information about Airds Lodge?