RE: McColl family from Glasdrum/Appin by Sandra Taylor - written 23/08/2014 17:29:54

Hi Scott

I have traced my ancestry back to Donald McColl (ca1793-1886) of Glasdrum. Donald was the son of John McColl and Rachel Cameron. He married Ann Rankin on 29 June 1823 and they had 5 daughters and 2 sons, born between 1828 and 1838. You can find Donald's history on the Carmichael-Watson project of Edinburgh University, and there is also a photograph of him on the web. Not sure how closely our families are linked, but somewhere they will probably cross.



Scott J McColl wrote (27/03/2014 21:27:15):


I, too, like many of you, am new to family geneaology. We McColls in San Diego, California, USA are decendents of John McColl (born 1789 Glasdrum/Appin) and a Catherine. There is a letter to an Anne McColl (John's sister, aka, Agnes, born 1795-96) married to Dugald McColl (born 1784) at Torlagan, Lismore written in 1851 from the Scotch Block of Canada. It is believed "almost" certainly that John and Anne (Agnes) had a sister, Janet. It is believed also that their parents were Hugh McColl and Agnes McColl from Glasdrum (wedded cousins). John and Catherine McColl had 5 children: Hugh (born in Oban 1814), Angus (born 1818 in Appin), Mary, and twins Duncan and John born in Canada. John and Catherine emigrated to Canada in about 1819. I will be visiting Oban/Lismore/Appin in early April and would love to find out more about my family. Namely: are the names of Hugh McColl and Agnes McColl their given/baptismal names or "nicknames"? When/where were they born? Died? Who were Hugh McColl's parents?  Did Hugh and Agnes McColl have other children besides: John, Anne (Agnes) and Janet?

As regards the McColls decended from John and Catherine McColl in Canada, there is "tonnes" of information to share. Hope someone out there in "cyberworld" can help me. Sorry for the long read and thanks in advance for any help.  Scott