RE: Cam Phort by Neill Malcolm - written 02/06/2014 11:57:44

I am not a gaelic speaker but might I suggest that the meaning is crooked (Cam) haven or port (Port). The aspirated form would be phuirt but I am sure the OS could have put it down as port!  Does it look crooked?  I have never looked at it closely.  Hope this helps.


Euan MacKie wrote (15/05/2014 18:42:58):


The boat-noost on Aird’s Bay;  was it for a Lorne galley?

It is marked as ‘Cam Phort’ on the old 6 inch map and the 1974 1:10,000 map. Grid ref. is NM/9048 4447,


Dwelly’s dictionary gives ‘Cam’ as having various meanings including – as ‘Caim’ – a ‘loop, curve, circle, sanctuary, guard, imaginary circle described with a hand round himself by a person in fear, danger or distress.’   Seems suitable for a safe haven for a warship (or any boat I suppose), particularly because it is only accessible at high tide.


Phort I have not yet found.


If any member knows anything about this little harbour I would be most glad to hear from them.  I am intending to mak a plan of it and eventually to publish something.


Euan MacKie,  The Old Ferryhouse, Port Appin.