RE: Mccolls of Lismore and Appin by Sandra Taylor - written 24/01/2014 21:25:49

Hi Gill

I too am researching the McColls of Appin. My great great grandfather was Donald McColl of Glasdrum (ca 1793 - 1886). He is the subject of a paper by Edinburgh University that you might find interesting:

The Carmichael Watson Project - Biography - Donald MacColl.mht

Information on the regiments that fought in the '45 can be found in a book "No Quarter Given", eds A Livingstone et al, Wilson Publishing Glasgow, 2010.

Good luck with your hunting.

Sandra Taylor (née McKechnie)


Gill Norman wrote (10/12/2013 18:55:00):


Hi. I am new to the forum. I am trying to find more information about my Mccoll ancestors who originated from Lismore and Appin. I have a Samuel Mccoll wh was born in 1788 at Kenlochlaigh and was the son of Hugh Mcoll and Mary Mclaren (born 1745 and 1749 respectively) who were also born in Kenochlaigh. Samuel married Janet Campbell and moved to Lismore where he was the schoolmaster, postmaster and court officer and i think basically anything else that was going. They had 12 children and i would love to find out more about the family especially if Hugh Mccolls (born 1745) father was active in the Appin regiment.  havnt been able to get any further back than 1745 you see.  Hope to hear from someone and hoping to visit Appin once more in 2014.