WWII water tank near Appin? by Martin Briscoe - written 18/05/2013 18:17:43
Some years ago I enquired through the Oban Times about the Royal Navy loop site at Oban.  I received several replies and on caller mentioned something about there having been a large water tank somewhere around Appin.  I have never been able to find any more about this story.

I was reminded of this because I was recently up at Loch Ewe and we were discussing a large tank there that seemed to be used to store water for replenishing ships.  Also a colleague at work came across a couple of tanks up near Glenelg, these have a pipe to the shore so it was thought they were for fuel but beginning to wonder if they could also be water.

Loch Ewe, Kyle of Lochalsh and Oban all were bases for warships and convoy assembly points so would need large quantities of water for replenishing ships.

I would be interested to hear anything that anyone can remember of any sort of wartime water tank at Appin.  My contact EMail address is on my website.

Martin Briscoe