10 years carfree. by Joseph - written 03/03/2008 21:32:15

Hi Folks,


Chrissie and I decided to become carless in the spring of
98. I only wish that I had done so years before or never bothered with cars in
the first place.

We live on an off island in Orkney with no bus services other
than those on Mainland Orkney. So cycles became our primary form of transport.
We use a variety of bikes including a tandem (used daily to get Chrissie to and
from the ferry, 3 miles each way); a Brompton folding bike (useful for ferries
and busses); various solo bikes and a trailer. My main cycle is a Mango velomobile
(a sort of pedal car), I don’t understand why these machines are not so common,
I believe that they could be a real alternative to local motorised trips, I
stay dry, warm and comfortable, carry all my shopping and turn a few heads in
the process… take a look at my blog if you are interested    http://josephsorkneymango.blogspot.com/


Keep happy and travel safe,