Driving stress and hassle by Jacquie - written 12/01/2017 08:12:07
As a city girl who moved to a coastal area I literally couldn't believe how reliant people were on their cars.I had never driven as public transport was varied and accessible.Despite the fact that trains and buses were still an option in the coastal town ,people rarely used them.Driving a car ,to the people there,was almost a rite of passage like learning to swim or ride a bike.
Feeling like I had made some terrible error by not learning I decided to take lessons -only to confirm my original suspicion that cars were dirty, dangerous and ate up my time.Even when I lost the fear of the open road and driving at speed,the constant hassle of having to be alert for any potential accidents or trying to find a parking space drove me mad.I had been so used to sitting on a train reading a book,chatting with the family or listening to music that this allegedly convenient way of travelling was sending my stress levels through the roof.I suppose if you start driving at an early age then you perhaps become accustomed to the "hassle" of driving(I haven't even touched on repairs, breakdowns,payments etc) but I think car-free life is far more relaxing Life can be stressful enough without car anxieties.A little more thought into travelling(especially planning long journeys) is well worth it.If people are being totally honest,they often buy into all the hype about the necessity of cars when they should really stop and think whether they want to spend their lives commuting in these tin cans.