RE: Scrappage Scheme by Phil - written 29/11/2011 10:43:33

Jon wrote (05/11/2009 17:21:44):

The Government has now handed over £200m of OUR money to the multinational car industry under the scrappage scheme.  And, ignoring the blatant greenwash about this being an environmentally friendly policy (where to start on that!), it has apparently had some success in its real primary aim of propping up car sales (whoopee!).

Of course, every single sector of the economy has suffered in the current economic downturn - so can anyone explain to me why the motor industry is getting this special treatment?  Why was Woolworths not bailed out?  Why were the jobs lost by MFI employees less worthy of protection than those of car workers?  Where was Zavvi's handout?

What's so special about the car industry?

I agree with you totally...

The truth of the matter is, all those extra cars being sold will encourage people to drive more, buy more petrol and in the long run provide more revenue for the government. It's a means to an end!

The £2000 scrappage could easily be spent by a single driver in a single year on petrol, so after 1 year the government start to get it all back. After the 2nd year, it's 100% return per annum!

The government has never favoured the common person or even group of people, so why would they start now?