RE: rural living and no car by Mike - written 15/11/2011 17:01:10

you're right to bring up the problems that people who live in isolated parts experience when they want to just get out to the shops (as you mentioned).

The only thing I can think of is have you considered starting up a car sharing pool where you live?  I know it might take a bit of effort/courage to perhaps put an ad in the local paper or an ad in a shop window but I'm sure there are loads of people out there - perhaps retired - who though they need their car, nevertheless would welcome the chance of sharing the cost of ownership.

Good Luck.

ps: I think it quite disgraceful that you haven't even got a pavement to walk/cycle to the town.  Remember; the roads are the Queen's Highways, i.e. for the use of all, not just car owners. It's the same where I am, I can't get to my local town unless it's by car or bus due to no footpath on the narrow twisting busy road.  Tried it on a bike once - never again, I'm lucky to be alive. No more new roads/ 'improvements' unless they incorporate a footpath for the shared use of all unmotorised transport.

Kelly wrote (10/08/2009 15:01:35):

Hi, anyone else live in a rural area with little or no public transport?
We have one bus (leave 7 am return 6 pm)through the vilalge 6 days a week and a later bus (leaves 9am returns 1pm) on a tuesday that takes you to town.
Our nearest shop (costcutter) is 3 miles away (no pavement, very fast road) and the nearest town is 15 miles away.
After our car died we are going to live as carless as possible and wanted to see if anyone who ISN'T living in an urban area was doing it as well :)
Thanks x