RE: Bike Heaven by Stanley Packard - written 09/08/2011 13:07:04
I hope you are keeping it up, Heather! I've been carfree for around five years and haven't looked back for a lot of the reasons you mentioned in this post. :}

Heather Rustage wrote (02/03/2010 17:53:44):

Stephen Young/Vivienne Caisey/Site Creator

I've just found your website and I'd just like to say, what a FANTASTIC idea!
Everything on the homepage is what I've been trying to say to all my friends and family for years!
And I'm only 20!
I travel sustainably and very happily using my bicycle, riding to work and back, shopping, riding to the swimming baths, riding to my friends houses, I even took my bike on a train for a 250 mile journey because I just couldn't leave it behind.

I don't plan to ever own a car, for MANY reasons, but the main one being they're not necessary.
So much evidence states that car crashes are the most common cause of injury in modern day society. Cars are quite simply dangerous.
They are adding to the rising obesity levels in the UK (and the world for that matter).
Our environment is suffering due to society's reliance on cars. Air pollution and noise pollution.
Most car journeys are under 2 miles. Which can be walked if not cycled.
Every day commuter traffic causes stress and anger issues - not the best frame of mind to start your work day.
Cars make people lazy and unfit. They become reliant on cars and forget they actually have legs.
The cost of running a car is astounding. Provisional driving licence, driving lessons, driving test, buying a car, petrol, car park charges, congestion charges, car insurance, car tax, M.O.Ts, services, repairs, and of course, the cost of buying your new car.

I was considering printing off your virtual bumper stickers and posting them to lampposts in my town.

Great site guys, I'm so proud to see like-minded people.

Kind regards
Miss Heather Rustage.