RE: Rescued from wavering by Alison Johnston - written 20/10/2009 18:35:37
Go for it. I really admire you managing in the Scottish Highlands without a car. I'm in London and have it easy I know but we do go on holiday without cars and manage somehow.
And yes you do learn patience - you never go out without a book so being held up on a train as I was last week is almost a pleasure because you catch up on all that reading. You also become so much aware of other people around you and get chatting to them. So much more human. And I always always accept lifts (unless I think it's going to take longer which in London it can do!) without guilt. I think well if they have this metal box which I really now have begun to hate, we might as well exploit it while it's in existence!

Su wrote (21/05/2009 13:54:24):

Thank goodness I came upon this site!  I went car-free a year ago after a few years of longing, and have not looked back since.  However I've had a bit of a waver in the past week or so - living in the Scottish Highlands and being a keen hillwalker/ecologist makes getting to destinations by public transport a bit arduous at times.  I was keenly searching for something to help with this wobble in faith.

The messages and themes of this site remind me that it's not just environmental, or even economic, reasons that appeal to me in life without a car.  It's the sheer enjoyment of taking things more slowly, practising patience at train stations, all that time for reading, day-dreaming and birdwatching out the window (not advisable when driving!).  I still feel a bit guilty accepting lifts from folk on a too regular basis, but then I think some of them enjoy the brownie points they can give themselves for doing a good turn!

Thanks very much for putting this site together.  My resolve is restored!