RE: rural living and no car by Kelly - written 10/08/2009 19:47:38

Kelly wrote (10/08/2009 15:01:35):

Hi, anyone else live in a rural area with little or no public transport?
We have one bus (leave 7 am return 6 pm)through the vilalge 6 days a week and a later bus (leaves 9am returns 1pm) on a tuesday that takes you to town.
Our nearest shop (costcutter) is 3 miles away (no pavement, very fast road) and the nearest town is 15 miles away.
After our car died we are going to live as carless as possible and wanted to see if anyone who ISN'T living in an urban area was doing it as well :)
Thanks x

By the way, having read through some of these other posts now I see lost are worried about what will happen when kids come along. Well we have 3 and are recording how we cope on our blog In case anyone is interested in looking??
Thanks :)