RE: Dogs by Amanda and Steve - written 04/06/2011 11:57:31
Yes! We totally agree. How refreshing to be in an adult environment without pushchairs and screams. Our puppy made himself quite at home as well and we really enjoyed our lunch - reasonable/sensible pub prices and tastey. The Cock Inn has always maintained its identity as a 'real' pub and we are thankful for that when so many other local pubs are closing or becoming overly familiy friendly at the expense of the other sectors of society. Going there to meet friends today infact.

Sarah Broad wrote (23/06/2009 20:20:27):

The Cock Inn has become one of our favourite pubs. Our new puppy was welcomed into the pub by all the staff...and then we discovered that kids are NOT allowed! Does it get any better??!! My type of place! We will definitely be regular visitors from now on.