Database Error by App Development Team - written 03/12/2011 19:33:43

To ALL current Wake To Christ app holders.

Version 1.11 of our Wake
To Christ app ceased working on 1st Dec.

V1.12 was submitted to
Apple on 24th Nov, this “Upgrade” would have fixed the “Database
Error” before it occurred.

V1.12 was rejected by
Apple because of “Not being iCloud compliant”.  iCloud is not used by our app, nor is it required.

V1.12 is presently being upgraded to be iCloud compliant and will be re-submitted to apple for free
release to existing app holders, but due to the HIGH re-submission rate by
other non iCloud compliant apps world wide, Apples approval process is well behind.

We sincerely apologise
for you being able to receive your December Gospels and hope that V1.12 is
approved as-soon-as-possible. Keep your eye out for when iTunes informs you
that an “Update” (which is always free) is available for your WakeToChrist app.

In the mean time the app has been withdrawn from Sale until V1.12 is approved for sale.

Yours sincerely, The
App Development Team.