RE: Alert not working with iOS5 by Wake To Christ, SUPPORT - written 29/10/2011 01:53:52

shmarsh wrote (29/10/2011 01:30:40):

If you have upgraded your iPhone/iPad to Apples new iOS Version 5 which has the "Cloud", built in, you may be experiencing issues with your "Wake To Christ" App. In iOS 5 Apple has made changes to "Notifications" and the "Wake To Christ" Alert function (under More) option, users "Local Notifications" to produce the "Alert". Your "Alert" will still function but  the Alert Notification is not displayed on the screen.

This is easily rectified.

Touch "Settings" on your main menu.

Touch "Notifications" on the drop down menu list.

Touch "Wake To Christ" on the drop down menu list.

Slide ALL the ON/OFF buttons to ON, and Touch the "Alerts" icon in "Alert Style". 

We appologise for any inconvience caused.

The Support Team from "Wake To Christ".