RE: Prototype & mainstreet card kits by Jerry Freestone - written 20/09/2017 09:55:00

Phil: Thanks for the enquiry, and apologies for the delay. The Prototype range will certainly be resurrected gradually. Bilteezi is another of our ranges that is 'scheduled' for a complete design work-over to keep it going into the future. If time permits, the Mainstreet Models range will ultimately receive the same treatment, in some form or other. All of this will take a long time I'm afraid.


Phil P wrote (21/07/2017 18:09:52):


Are there any plans for any of the "out of production" or "out of stock" OO products from prototype or mainstreet to become available again in future? I think there would be a big demand if marketed well, due to increasing costs and lack of new products from metcalfe/superquick