RE: Dairy building by Tesco John (Retired) - written 21/04/2017 12:51:59

Thank you Jerry for York Show, and your after care service. Your customer service is first class.


Tesco John (Retired) wrote (11/04/2017 12:41:39):


Hi Jerry, I am working on a new project. A small industrial terminus that will fit in a Puegot 207, with the seats down. For exhibitions you understand. At the back of the layout I want a dairy that will be unloading up to three six wheeled milk tanks at anytime. Now here is the rub. I can not find any kit building that looks the part and supports a platform for unloading the as above. The nearest I have found is the Metcalfe small factory. the problem is the factory is too small and the loading bank too short. Have you any bright ideas, you have more experience than me. Regards and  see you at York on Saturday.