RE: Victorian house front and store fronts by Jerry Freestone - written 06/10/2015 22:15:18

Sorry to hear you suffered in the earthquakes. Yes, the kits are still available, but no, not as downloadable images. The house fronts kit HSK41 is £7.50, and the shops conversion HSK42 is £2.50 - UK prices including VAT. Overseas P&P at cost after deducting VAT.

We can accept payment by credit / debit card (not Amex or Diners), or we can raise a Paypal invoice if you would prefer. NB Please do not place payment information on this forum, as it is publicly visible!


Paul ronaldson wrote (06/10/2015 04:02:24):



DearJerry do you still sell the  Victorian house fronts and shops cause I lost them in the earthquake ch ch nz my model railwas destroyed in the earthquake is it able to be sent as a PDF or is it post only regards paul