RE: Bilteezi 'OO'Backscenes by Jerry Freestone - written 29/07/2015 23:34:30

Martin: For the range that we have (6 different strips) including UK P&P - £9.00. We can accept payment by credit/debit cards. or via Paypal. Please communiate further details via e-mail ( or by telephone (01993 775979). Many thanks.


Martin Peck wrote (24/07/2015 14:06:20):


Hi Jerry,

Thanks for your informative reply.

Given what you say can I request the following from you?

Can you give me a price for one set of all the 'OO' backscenes you listed including p/p?

I do not want to loose impetus on this project and although the exact detail of the sheets is unknown to me I will be 'cutting and pasting' bits inbetween buildings so a continual run is not a problem.

Any spare sheets or bits can be used for future projects.

I do hope you can help with this request------I want to purchase these if I can!