RE: website details by Jerry Freestone - written 05/06/2014 23:02:48

As we mention on the main pages, the web-site is still under development. There is a huge amount of information that would be of benefit to modellers with widely differing interests, all of which we hope to have available to view in due course. Meanwhile we have to try to attack the situation with an eye to the most important basics first, and then fill in the details later. Maybe we do not always get it right, and we are aware that there are still some glaring omissions, but we are going to keep picking away at it until it gets there. If there is further information that you require, we are usually reachable by 'phone, and always by e-mail.



malcolm wrote (24/05/2014 15:03:14):


very hard to find site and details about products. On checkout does not list the products i require. Eg in model rail; mag i am interested in the tudor row ,i know it needs 2x d5  but it says detail parts (what and where are they) and scene setters glazing (which kit ) .Not impressed so looking elsewhere