RE: Web site dificulties by Jerry Freestone - written 13/02/2014 14:26:11

Thanks for your comments Peter. We are aware of a number of issues around poor legibility on the site - most of which appeared as an incidental occurence during recent updates. We are trying to get these issues resolved as soon as possible and hope you will find the site easier to use in the future..


Peter Stokes wrote (05/02/2014 05:33:06):


I eventually managed to place an order but was very frustrated that so much on your web site is unreadable without me actually highlighting each section - even the items I eventually managed to place in the Cart.

I am using Google Chrome - not sure if that is the reason. But there must be a better way of displaying your products.

Years ago I purchased ‘Townscene’ sheets and many people commented on how good they looked.

Now, having moved and having lost most of my original backscenes, I needed to replace them, which is the only reason I persevered with your very unsatisfactory web site.

Sorry to be negative, but it really was very frustrating and I am sure many people would just give up and shop elswhere.


Peter Stokes Australia