RE: OO gauge Uppingham Station 46M9 by Jerry Freestone - written 13/02/2014 14:23:22

Prototype kits use printed acetate windows, never any moulded window frames. The 46M9 Uppingham Station kit does have some plastic mouldings however - for doors and canopy support brackets. 

46M7 Draughton Road Signal Box kit has plastic moulded parts for the external staircase, roof eaves, down-pipes, and walk-way brackets (1 moulding containing all parts), as well as a printed glazing sheet.

46M6 Uppingham Goods Shed kit has only printed glazings for the office windows and the main shed roof-light, no plastic detailing parts.

At present 46M7 and 46M9 kits are both out of production, but will be re-introduced in due course after a design review. However, we still have the "extras" parts in stock if any of these items are missing from your kits, or if you want to make free-lance modifications.

Peter Robinson wrote (22/01/2014 13:36:18):


Just started to build the OO gauge Uppingham Station kit and was wondering if there are any detailing parts such as window frames etc. available?

I also have the Draughton Signal Box and Uppingham Goods Shed to build as well.

I've had them for about 15 years so I guess it's time I got started.