RE: What do you think about this website? by Andrew Yuille - written 05/02/2013 12:41:26

I first saw Freestone Models yesterday at the Alton show.  Very impressed with the skill of the modellers there - quite fired me up to get on with it myself.  I'm also impressed with your website.  Having written them in the past myself I know they're an immense amount of work - just trying to keep up with the ideas that come as it develops.  I specially like that you've got something usable with info, instead of just a disappointing 'work in progress' flag.


1. For each source manufacturer, just list available models, and click to show picture if available.  That would let us just home in on the items of particular interest (and pictures could come 'when available').  A full list of manufacturers as per your catalogue would be useful online too.

2. More a 'futures' - include hints on effective kit construction.  Weathering a card model, to shade where there should be contour (e.g. beneath a wooden beam) looks effective but tricky.  This could also point to suitable items for sale (e.g. pens to colour card edges). This comes from your neat work I saw at Alton!

Freestone Models wrote (30/08/2011 17:52:23):

This website is slowly progressing but we would like to hear what you think about it and whether you have any input which would make it more user friendly. All comments will be considered. Any unacceptable comments will be deleted and followed closely.
Thank You
Freestone Models