Old card kits by Philip Miller - written 03/11/2012 09:24:46

Dear Sir,

whilst i have some of the kits you currently market, i did not appreciate the difficaulty you must be having with re designing the existing designs to comply with the current standard card sizes. I also now appreciate that a re design will also mean making modifications to the designs to make them more flexible and presumably some extra components to allow for further modification.

All of this will be for the good. I also appreciate and congratulate  you for having saved these designs from extiction which i feel is equally important.

On another matter by some chance do you also own the Merco range ? I have heard about this for many years, ( Peter Denny was a great fan of their building papers ) but i have no real idea of what they actually produced.

Best wishes and Regards,


Philip G Miller


( We run the Melbourne Suburban Electric network in Victoria, Australia. )