RE: RE: What do you think about this website? by Jerry Freestone - written 14/11/2011 11:53:01
Photographs currently in use are old file-copies, and sadly we do not have all models assembled in sufficiently clean form to produce new pictures. Some are now appearing as and when we can get to them. Any fans of Prototype models who have pictures of models they have assembled are welcome to send them to us to improve the appearance of the information, but these must necessarily be of un-modified versions of the kits with plain surroundings for clarity.

Ray Wilson wrote (06/11/2011 15:54:46):

Freestone Models wrote (30/08/2011 17:52:23):

This website is slowly progressing but we would like to hear what you think about it and whether you have any input which would make it more user friendly. All comments will be considered. Any unacceptable comments will be deleted and followed closely.
Thank You
Freestone Models

Just wondering why the Prototype Models photos are not in colour?
Ray Wilson