RE: Prototype Model Uppinham Station by Jerry Freestone - written 14/11/2011 11:46:59
Very loath to give any date, as the list of products awaiting re-introduction is growing longer, but it will appear eventually. We are taking the opportunity of the kits being out of production to undertake a thorough review of the designs in order to make any changes / improvements we can before reprinting. The Uppingham station kit was a particularly difficult example, being a rather awkward size in kit form, which needs careful redesigning to preserve the quality of the model whilst working with modern standardized print sheet sizes and convenience of packing and displaying. We hope sincerely that there will be movement on this front over the next year.

Ray Wilson wrote (06/11/2011 15:50:59):

Any planned date for the reintroduction/availability of the Prototype Model oo LMS Station (Uppingham) ?

Badly need one !

Ray Wilson