Bilteezi building sheets by Jerry Freestone - written 29/09/2011 21:53:23
I agree that pictures of the sheets would be of some benefit, but not as meaningful as pictures of the completed models to the majority of modellers. 
It is a sad but unavoidable fact that the 'OO' Bilteezi sheets are all but unmarketable in their present form. The continued production of these kits depends on there being being at least a moderate level of retail distribution, and these days that means a more convenient product format than we have at present. This innevitably takes some time to achieve, but we intend to retain the unique character of the original concepts and designs while, we hope, increasing the appeal of the kits to a wider audience.
At present there are no plans to extend this re-design process to the 'N' scale range - they will continue to be produced in their existing format.

Chris wrote (20/09/2011 17:28:12):

You could illustrate the Bilteezis very nicely with pictures of the sheets. That bit about "Some of these are now almost sold out, and will not be reprinted in this form. The designs will be re-launched as a new range of kits in due course. Sorry for any inconvenience." is a bit ominous. What's the problem? Do please keep supplying them. They're still great kits and create atmosphere much better than some of the more complicated newer products available.

Jerry Freestone wrote (09/09/2011 13:21:33):

Simon Welch wrote (04/09/2011 17:43:03):

Website looks great - need pictures for all products.

Thanks. Definitely agree regards pictures. Sadly what we need is pictures of the constructed models rather than the kits, which means an awful lot of kit-building!!! We are getting there slowly, by one means or another. JF

Freestone Models wrote (30/08/2011 17:52:23):

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