My images are showing as little x symbols

You may experience this problem if you already owned your domain name when you joined Mr Site. Your images will always be linked to your domain name - if your website name is not 'pointed' or moved to Mr Site, the images will not be available. Our reccomendation is to move your domain name to Mr Site, where we can include it in your Takeaway Website package with no extra costs from your previous registrar.

To do this, you just need to follow a few simple steps.

If your name is a .com, .net, .org,  .biz  .info, or

Ask your registrar to unlock your domain name and give you an authorisation code, also known as an EPP key. Then just email and tell us your domain name and this authorisation code.

If your name is a,, or

Ask your current registrar to change the IPS tag to: MRSITE. Once this has been done please email, tell us your domain name and inform us that you have changed the IPS tag and

If your name is a or a

Ask your current registrar for a domain name transfer password and email to tell us your domain name and the transfer password.

If your name is a

Contact your current registrar and tell them you wish to transfer your domain name to Mr Site. Next, email and tell us your domain name, stating that you want to move your domain name to us. We will then contact your registrar and you will receive an email from them asking you to confirm the transfer.

For all these cases, once we have the relevant information we can process the name transfer for you. And don’t worry… your registrar will know what you are talking about! You can check your domain name status here:

If you would prefer to stay with your current registrar but 'point' your domain name to your Mr Site website, this is also possible. Simply contact your name company and ask them to change the DNS settings for your domain name. Your DNS settings can be found by clicking on 'Extras' from the Main Options page, then 'Admin', followed by 'Edit name servers'. Your will need to provide your registrar with the codes following NameServer#1 and NameServer#2.

Please note: Using this method means that your domain name will still be with your current name company and they will continue to charge you for this ON TOP of your Mr Site package.