Insert a hyperlink

If you would like your visitors to be able to click on some text or on an image to bring up another web page that is relevant to yours, you can use the 'Insert Hyperlink' button.

To do this go to 'Change Content' from the Main Options, then select the page you want to edit. Make sure you are in 'Creative Mode', so that icons rather like Microsoft Word icons appear above the paint box.

In the third row of icons you will see one that looks like a silver chain with three links in it.

This is the 'Insert Hyperlink' button. Now, left click on the image or highlight the text in the paint box that you wish to add a link to, then click on the 'Insert Hyperlink' button. A pop up box will appear - hit the 'Browse' button to find the web page / file/ image stored in your Takeaway Website web space that you want to link to. If you want to link to a different website or to an email address simply type it into this box. Click 'OK'.