I am unable to use 'Creative' mode. Why?

 If you are having problems using Creative Mode in 'Change Content', please try the following:

1) Make sure you have cookies enabled. To do this, log out of Mr Site and click 'Tools' in your internet browser, then 'Internet Options', followed by 'Delete cookies' button if you are using Internet Explorer. If you are using Firefox, go to 'Tools', then 'Clear Private Data'.

Now, restart your browser and try again.

2) If you are using Internet Explorer, try adjusting your firewall settings as they may be very high and preventing you from using all the functions. To do this, click on 'Tools', then 'Internet options', followed by 'Security'. Press the 'Default Level' button, select medium or low and click 'OK'.

Now, restart your browser and try again.

3) Disable popup blockers for if you have any (you should be able to specify that the popup blocker allows popups from www.mrsite.co.uk). The Google and Yahoo Toolbars are the most common popup blocker.

If you are still having problems, email us at support@mrsite.co.uk and explain the situation, letting us know if you are a PC or Mac user and which versions of PC or Mac you are using.