How do I link to certain parts of my page?

An anchor can be used when you need to link one part of your web page to another part of the page - this is particuarly useful for very long web pages if you want to quickly skip to a different section. You can create a link which, when clicked on, will take you straight to an invisible anchor marking the start of the section.

To insert an anchor click on the area of your text where you want it to go (so where your visitor will end), click on the ‘Insert Anchor’ button (this looks like an anchor in the tools section) and type in a name for the anchor you are creating. There must not be any spaces in this name.

When you have done this, click on the ‘Insert Hyperlink’ button where you would like to insert your link (this looks like three chain links in the tools section), tick the 'Select a named anchor in the current page' box and select your named anchor from the list.

Click 'Save and Finish', then from the Main Options 'Publish'.