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...to the June issue of the Mr Site newsletter – we hope you’ve had a great month. If you’ve ever thought of advertising your business…read on! We’ve get some great advice for you to think about before taking the plunge. As ever, you’ll find all the normal Mr Site updates, plus some great tips from the Support Team about how to use FTP to upload big files to your website.

Expert of the month

June Expert
Sarah Cook

Have you ever thought of advertising but not really sure where or how to start? Our friends at marketing company, Coconut Creatives, have kindly given us their top ten tips on what to watch out for if you're thinking about having a go! Founder, Sarah Cook, told us:

If your advertising isn’t working – STOP DOING IT!
Let’s start with the simple stuff. If you are running advertising that is not working, please stop it!

This applies to all advertising, whether you're running ads in newspapers or magazines. Use free posters everywhere you can and when customers come to you, make sure you ask people where they found out about you so you can see if your advertising has been worth it.

Only use ‘Direct Response’ advertising
There are two types of advertising – direct response advertising and brand advertising.

Understanding the distinction between the two will immediately save you a fortune.

Brand advertising is used by companies like Coca Cola and the large car manufacturers to build and increase awareness of their brand. Unless you have huge amounts of money which you are happy to lose, you should avoid brand advertising at all costs. For a small business it is a complete waste of money.

The only type of advertising you ever want to consider is direct response advertising – the purpose of this is to produce a clear response. So for example, if you are a local tyre fitter, target local residents with pay per click advertising (click here for more information), ads on google maps and yell.com, email marketing to your existing customers and printed flyers. Make sure any physical promotion has an offer or promotion code so you can track its effectiveness.

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Website of the month

Paul and Elaine Conquest

Congratulations to Paul and Elaine Conquest of www.sweetshack-leeds.co.uk for winning Mr Site’s Website of the Month!

As well as having a great website, they have a great story to tell:
‘Having found ourselves jobless due to redundancy, we decided to have a go at running our own business – a traditional sweet shop.

Now entering our second year, we felt the natural progression was to open an online shop, however, with funds being tight we simply could not afford the going rates for website designers. A friend mentioned the Mr Site packages, so I took it upon myself to have a go. Having no web experience and from an engineering background, I thought that this would be totally over my head but I found the menu easy to navigate and got results quickly.

It wasn’t too long before I felt confident and we now have a website we can be proud of that has a professional look and at a fraction of the cost of website design rates. The best thing is we can change the look, feel and items as often as we want, giving us total control of our online business. Bargain!’

If you'd like to be the next Website of Month all you need to do is submit your story by emailing us here and tell us why you deserve the award!

Mr Site’s tips and tricks – using FTP

Have you ever experienced trouble when trying to add certain files to your web pages using the ‘Change Content’ option? Chances are, it’s a really big file, such as a movie or pdf, and you may have to use something called ‘FTP’ instead. This stands for ‘File Transfer Protocol’ and can be used to transfer any large files from your computer over to your Takeaway Website account. You can also use FTP to back-up and copy your website for safe-keeping!

FTP requires some special software, called an FTP client, and this handles the transfer of the files…making the process quick and easy for you! We recommend using Filezilla, which is available to download for free from http://filezilla-project.org/

Once you have downloaded and installed Filezilla, you will need to open the programme and configure it for use with your Takeaway Website account. This is very simple to do – just follow these steps:

Open Filezilla and click on the 'Edit' option along the top of the screen and then select 'Settings'

A box will now appear, with a list on the left hand side – click the second option down 'FTP'

In the 'Transfer Mode' box, select 'Active' and ensure the ‘Allow fallback’ option is unticked

Click 'OK'

Now you need to tell Filezilla about Mr Site – to do this just fill the following information into the ‘Quickconnect’ bar, which can be found along the top of the Filezilla window: Host : www.yourdomainname.com (PLEASE NOTE: Replace ‘yourdomainname.com’ with your website name)

Username : yourdomainname.com (PLEASE NOTE: Replace ‘yourdomainname.com’ with your website name)

Password : your original Takeaway Website activation code in capital letters

Port : 21

Click the 'Quickconnect' button now to login to the Mr Site server and see the files and folders that make up your website. You’ll see Filezilla is divided into two sections on your screen – the left side (local site) displays all the files and folders saved on your computer, whilst the right side (remote site) shows all the files and folders for your website.

If you are uploading files such as images, movies or pdfs you will need to drag and drop them from the local site across to the ‘USERIMAGES’ file in the remote site. Anything you have placed in the USERIMAGES folder, you will be able to edit in ‘Change Content’ when you click on ‘Insert image’.

If you want to back-up your website pages, simply drag and drop the ‘wwwroot‘ folder from the remote site to a convenient place on your computer (either on the local site side of Filezilla or just on your desktop if you minimize the screen).

It’s as simple as that!

Whats in this issue?

India News

The Mr Site Business Tour of India is coming to Himachal Pradesh and Rajasthan in June. The business team will be visiting all major towns, including Jaipur, Kota, Udipur, Shimla, manali and many more to discuss how Takeaway Website can help your business.

For details of dates and availability in each city, please arrange a meeting with the team by emailing us on sales@mrsite.co.in or call 09780531682.

Booking Tool update

Thanks to everyone who sent us an email about becoming a Mr Site beta tester for our new Booking Tool! If you were a successful applicant, we will have contacted you already and we hope you're taking advantage of this great new tool.

If you’d like to take bookings and booking payments online through your website, the Booking Tool will be available to purchase very soon…watch this space for more details about that and how you can become a beta tester for other Mr Site projects.

Get Takeaway Website Pro for just £49.99…

Did you know that if you’re a HSBC business banking customer you can get Takeaway Website Pro for just £49.99 – that’s an exclusive 50% discount!

Click here to find out more details about how you get your half price pacakge.

Business Startup Show

Thanks to everyone that came down to see us at the Business Startup Show at London’s ExCel. As ever it was a great success and Mr Site even won the Best Stand award from the exhibition organisers! Check our brand new shiny stand coming to an exhibition near you…

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