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You may have experienced issues opening the July issue of the Mr Site newsletter, sent out via email on 19 July 2010. This was due to a technical issue with one of our servers, however, it has now been resolved and we hope you enjoy this month’s news.

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...to the July issue of the Mr Site newsletter! This month, we’ve got some top tips for how to get people to your website via Twitter and the Mr Site design team share their inside knowledge on website typography. Why not follow us on Twitter by clicking here and don’t forget to enter yourself into our Website of the Month competition – find details below.

New website designs for all

Last week, Mr Site welcomed five new website designs to the Takeaway Website family. Desktop Clutter, BitterSweet, Neutron, Noisy and Suave can be found by going to ‘Choose a design’ from the Main Options. We hope you like!

Typography tips

Typography can be a little scary – in fact a lot of people don’t really know what it is. However, if done correctly, typography can make a website look great. Typography is the arrangement of typefaces (fonts), point size, line length, leading (line spacing), adjusting the spaces between groups of letters (tracking) and adjusting the space between pairs of letters (kerning). Lets find out more...

Fonts can be split into 2 basic types

These are:

Serif – Serif fonts have little accents on the letters and look classic and stylish. Examples of a Serif font include, Times New Roman and Cambria.

Sans-serif – Sans-serif don’t have the accents and look modern and clean. Examples include, Helvetica and Arial.

Choosing a font

Try not to use too many fonts as this makes your website look messy and will distract your website visitors. As a rule of thumb, for optimised legibility try using a serif font for your headers and a sans-serif for your paragraphs. The reason for this is that serifs don’t appear in enough detail at lower font sizes due to the low resolution of computer monitors. This is why it’s best to set your paragraphs in a sans-serif font as they are much clearer.

Also, you have to consider if the font’s look and style is suitable for your website – if you’re a serious business, Comic Sans won’t do you any favours.

Set your colour scheme

Try to keep your colours similar to your template; for example, if you have a white template with grey highlights try a darker palette of greys for your fonts. The ‘Global fonts’ tool, found by selecting ‘Extras’ from the Main Options, followed by ‘Personalise’, enables you to change the colours of your headers, paragraphs and links across the whole of your website.

Make sure the font colours aren’t too similar to the background or people will have a hard time reading anything!

Size matters

Setting your font too large or too small can cause problems – keep your paragraphs between 11px and 14px. You should adjust the line height too (the gap between each line) and a good way to calculate the line height is to set it between 125 to 150% of your paragraph size, i.e. 12px font size with a 16px line height. If your text is set in white on a black background, because of the increased contrast you should slightly increase the line height and word spacing to help with legibility.

Stick to it!

Once you’ve set out your fonts, chosen the colours and set up the sizes for your site…stick to it! Make sure you always use the same styles for the same elements across your site.

Website of the month

Kris Wood & Matt Daniel

Congratulations to Kris Wood and Matt Daniel of www.ethicalparcel.co.uk for winning Mr Site’s Website of the Month! Ethical Parcel is a brand new website that specialises in gift hampers with a 100% ethical focus; from the product sourcing and manufacturing to packaging and delivery. Kris Wood tells us more about how they got started:
‘Myself and Matt both recently graduated from university and we also run an external catering company, called Jackson’s Catering, which ties in with the day-to-day operations of Ethical Parcel. Ethical Parcel initially supplied a few independent shops in the North East of England, but has now developed into a mail order business. The business showed potential to expand and the best way was through the internet.

With our website we can now target and supply to a national, and possibly international, market. After researching various ways of gaining presence on the internet, we decided Mr Site was the best option. With a limited budget and basic knowledge on website construction Takeaway Website ticked all the boxes. It is a great tool, which is simple and easy to use and allowed us to produce a professional looking website.’

If you'd like to be the next Website of Month all you need to do is submit your story by emailing us here and tell us why you deserve the award!

Expert of the month

July expert
Catherine Warrilow

This month, our friend Catherine Warrilow, Director of PR agency Publicity Oxford, is kindly sharing her top tips to building a relationship through Twitter – why not give it a go and get the most out of your Tweets:

Start a conversation
Twitter is about building a two way dialogue, not just sending out messages, however useful or informative. Engage in conversations with people, and make sure to ask questions and offer information to keep the process going.
Offer something for nothing
Yes your time is worth money, but your ultimate aim through online networking is to build meaningful relationships that will lead to new business. Nurture these relationships by offering help when you can. If you can add something other than just answering a question, do so – whether it’s putting two people in touch, providing contact details, or recommending a useful product or service. Remember it’s always about indirectly attracting people to your website – let them own the decision to find out more about you.
Put the customer first
Remember that you may not always be the best man for the job. It’s very easy to offer your services at the first sign of interest, but when you’re talking in an open public forum like Twitter, you could be far better off referring the client to someone who specialises in what they are looking for. The attention you will earn for that will be far greater than the fees for a job you maybe shouldn’t have taken.
Give people a clue
Make sure your website address is listed in your Twitter biography. Make sure your biography gives a concise description of what you do in order to encourage people to click through and find out more.
Identify keywords
Google now ranks tweets so it pays to compliment your website strategy through Twitter. Pick half a dozen keywords and try to integrate them into your tweets. Don’t try to shoe horn them in though because it will be clear for all to see, and people will put you down as a spammer in a matter of minutes.
Stick with what you know
With so many questions and conversations flying around, it’s easy to try and be a jack of all trades – but that can easily make you master of none. Keep your core offering front of mind. If you’re advising on a certain subject or product, make sure that when people click through to your website, they can find further supporting information.
Take the right tone
Twitter is a great opportunity to put across the personality of your business. Be cautious though; this is an informal place to network; don’t be lead into conversations where you wouldn’t want to comment. Also try to be consistent with your business philosophy and what you portray on your website.
Be professional
Because Twitter provides an informal setting for chat, don’t let your professional reputation go, be sociable but always remain the corporate face of your business. If you’ve had a bad morning, then focus on a different activity. One mis-tweet could lose you numerous followers for good.
Tweet and be tweeted
Encourage others to re-tweet your website news by doing the same for them. Identify people you’d like to work with or build relationships with and add them to your favourites on Twitter. It will probably take about six or seven messages before someone starts to remember you.
Measure your success
As with any marketing activity, it’s only ever worthwhile if you measure the results. Make sure that you track traffic to your website and identify the portion coming to your site from Twitter. Applications such as Hootsuite also allow you to see how many click throughs to links you have posted receive.

Offering bespoke public relations campaigns, as well as social media strategies, Publicity Oxford work with small and medium size businesses looking to raise their profile online and engage with potential customers through platforms such as Twitter.

Specialising in consumer PR in the lifestyle and entertainment sector, clients include holiday lettings agent Owners Direct.

Follow Publicity Oxford on twitter at @publicityoxford

Whats in this issue?

Get Takeaway Website Pro for just £49.99…

Did you know that if you’re a HSBC business banking customer you can get Takeaway Website Pro for just £49.99 – that’s an exclusive 50% discount! Click here to find out more details about how you get your half price package.

Mr Site India Business Tours

The Mr Site Business Tour of India is coming to Madhya Pradesh and Orissa in July. The business team will be visiting all major towns, including Gwalior, Indore, Bhopal, Bhubneshwar, Puri and many more, to discuss how Takeaway Website can help your business.

For details of dates and availability in each city, please arrange a meeting with the team by emailing us on sales@mrsite.co.in or call 09780531682.

Takeaway Website Hindi video tutorial

The July issue of Computer Active India, has a great new beginners video tutorial for Takeaway Website in Hindi. If you’d like to watch the video to get some hints on how to get started, just click here.

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