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...to the February issue of the Mr Site newsletter! This month we're going to provide you with details of the latest Mr Site update, some top tips on networking and building new business associates…as well as an exclusive offer from O2 for mobile broadband. See you in March!

Winter updates

As promised in January, the Mr Site winter updates are ready for you all to enjoy! From Monday 1st of March the following will be available:

  • Social bookmarking widget, allowing visitors to share your web pages on social networking websites, such as; Facebook, Twitter, Digg

  • Froogle search results widget – so visitors can search your website’s online shop products

  • A brand new search results widget for your website

  • MiniCart widget
  • – for your customers to view their order as they shop

  • New gallery selection for the ‘Add/Edit Gallery’ option
  • A latest blog posts widget

  • Improved editor for the ‘Add/Edit Shop’ option, with increased functionality and image inserter

  • Delete files – now you can preview files before deleting them

  • New menu customisation tool, now offering extended functionality for vertical and horizontal menus

  • An ‘Export to Excel’ option in the Payment Centre (View Website Orders)

  • Compatibility with Google Chrome browser
And for Pro users:
  • Page address editor – a new SEO option to change the name of your web pages in the URL (Extras> SiteBoost Tools> Keyword Tags> Page Address Editor)

  • All postage options are set in their own section in ‘Add/Edit Shop’, where you’ll now also find an additional postage banding option

Expert of the month

February expert
David Tarsh

Our expert this month is David Tarsh, Founder and Managing Director of Tarsh Consulting, a company that specialises in strategic communications, sponsorship and PR. One of the services Tarsh Consulting provides is helping clients forge valuable new commercial relationships.

Before starting his own firm, David was the Sales & Marketing Director of one of the companies in the Saatchi Group, which won a Queen’s Award for Enterprise and in 2004 he helped the Global Travel & Tourism Summit sign its first media partnership; a $100,000 deal with BBC World. Tarsh Consulting has assisted us too – David helped us sign an exclusive, global partnership with HSBC; only two other companies have a similar association with HSBC – Google and Microsoft.

Here are his top ten tips for networking and building new business:

When networking, go to places where you are likely to meet people who are in the market for your product or services.
If you are a photographer, joining a local chamber of commerce or going to events about weddings are likely to be worthwhile but these places are unlikely to be productive if you are making surgical devices. In the latter case, the right place to network is at the relevant medical congress.

Research the people you most want to meet. Call them in advance and suggest getting together at a relevant upcoming event.
One of the investment banks that sponsors the Global Travel & Tourism Summit uses this strategy very effectively. When I ask them afterwards “How was the event for you?” they always say: “The event was great because we met all the people we wanted to and had several promising conversations”. To find out who will be at an event in advance, simply call the organisers and ask for a delegate list. They will sometimes just let you have a copy and if not will often be willing to rent it to you.

Have your ‘elevator pitch’ tuned up and ready to go.
Your ‘elevator pitch’ is a statement that answers the question “So, what do you do?” It needs to be succinct and phrased as a benefit rather than as a description. For example, if your business is a talent agency specialising in comedians; you could say “I run a talent agency” but it would be much better to say “I run a business that makes people laugh”. If you are an advertising sales person, it would be better to say: “I help companies build their brands” than “I sell advertising”. When people ask me what Tarsh Consulting does, I say that we help companies raise their profiles and develop new relationships that build their business.

Keep asking yourself what you or your business can do to help the other person.
Many people think that when networking they need to tell others what they do and that will be sufficient because if the other person is interested, they will enquire. That may be so but it relies on the other person being interested and it forgets that we all live in a competitive economy. If you can phrase things in a way that communicates how your business can help them achieve results; that is much more compelling and far more likely to prompt a productive follow up conversation.

Prepare facts, stats and quotes to back up your claims.
People claim all kinds of extravagant things in business, for example that they are the market leader in their particular niche. On its own, this often sounds like bragging. However, once it can be backed up with data from an independent third party such as: “according to a MORI survey, we are ranked No.1…” or “Our company has received several customer service awards from consumer magazines …” the claim becomes much more convincing and the speaker appears far more authoritative.

People like to do business with people they like so work hard on the relationship.
If you build relationships based on open and honest dialogue and if you try hard to meet the needs of your counterpart, profitable business will eventually follow.

Deploy a strategic approach to networking by phone.
When networking on the phone the best scenario is to be sent to the right person by their boss or by someone senior to them. The reason is that they are more likely to take the call and to listen to what you have to say if you have come recommended by a person in authority and/or someone they respect.

To achieve this, start at the top. Ask for the CEO’s office and when there, ask the person who answers the phone (typically the PA to the CEO) to help you find the “most senior person responsible for…[whatever it is you want to talk about]”. If you follow the advice you are given and open each new call with the words “[name] recommended me to call you as s/he said that you would be or would know the most senior person in you company responsible for…[whatever it is you want to talk about]” you should get through to the right person who will listen to what you have to say.

Avoid being negative.
Negatives are a turn off and best avoided when networking. Even if you find yourself talking to somebody who seems to be demanding the impossible; there is almost always a better form of words than ‘NO’. The phrase I like the best is the one used by Ian Stopps, one of most charming and most successful top executives in the aerospace giant Lockheed Martin. With a sincere expression on his face, he says “Now there’s a tough challenge.”

Really know your business.
People like to listen to experts, to buy from experts and to recommend experts. So invest time and energy knowing everything there is to know about your business and its market. This knowledge will inevitably come across in your conversations and opportunities will gravitate towards you.

You have two ears and one mouth. Use them in that proportion and in that order.
Many people love to hear the sound of their own voice. But when one is networking the best strategy is to start by listening. If you can encourage the other people to talk about themselves first, the interest is flattering and it helps put them at ease. You also discover things that help you better choose what to say when it is your turn to speak.

If you would like to talk to David about helping your business succeed, you can call him on +44 (0) 20 7602 5262 or email David@Tarsh.com

Special offer

Update your Takeaway Website on the move with O2 and Mr Site!

Broadband that goes with you – free for 3 months

There’s no need to be tied to the office to do business. Mobile Broadband from O2 keeps you connected when you’re out and about. You’ll have access to O2’s extensive 3G network, and enjoy unlimited access to a network of over 7,500 Wi-Fi hotspots in cafés, hotels, stations and airports all around the UK included in your tariff. Simply visit www.mrsite.co.uk/o2offer to find out more about this offer!

Paypal update

If you are a Takeaway Website Pro user with the Express Checkout option enabled, you will probably be aware that PayPal have made some important changes over the last month that are vital to the smooth running of your online shops. Please note this does not apply to Beginner or Standard customers.

PayPal uses a system called ‘3-D Secure’, which has been created by the card payments industry and is a security feature that ensures payments using certain credit and debit cards are authenticated by the card holder, with their bank at the time of purchase.

3-D Secure is the common name for the technology behind MasterCard SecureCode (MSC) and Verified by Visa (VbV). If your customer's card is enrolled with 3-D Secure, when paying they will be prompted by their bank to enter a password to verify that the purchase is authorised by the card owner before completion.

If you are Pro user thinking of enabling the Express Checkout feature or new to Takeaway Website Pro altogether, you MUST submit your details to Cardinal Commerce to take payments from customers using MasterCard and Maestro. To find out more information, simply click here

Website of the Month

Richard Chadwick

Congratulations to Richard Garrett from www.iamalf.co.uk for submitting his website on the Mr Site forum and winning our Website of the Month!

Although there were some great entries this month (you’re making it very hard for us!!), Richard’s website really stood out for its creative flair and amazingly professional appearance.

“My website is a presentation of my Graphic Design and Art portfolio for potential clients and it contains a selection of projects; some live, some personal and some make believe!

It has enabled me to send out my portfolio and allow clients to view my work and being in a such a competitive industry, it’s an easy port of call for freelance opportunities.

I have just renewed Mr Site package for another year as I found it really easy to update and being a Graphic Designer, and not too clued up on the digital side of the web, such as coding etc., Takeaway Website has really allowed me to get a good website up and running with ease.”

If you'd like to be the next Website of Month, all you need to do is submit yourself on Mr Site's official forum – click here to find out more information and join the community.

Whats in this issue?

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The Mr Site Business Tour of India is coming to Madhya Pardesh in February. The business team will be visiting all major towns, including Bhopal, Gwaliar, Jansi, Ujjain and many more to discuss how Takeaway Website can help your business.

For details of dates, availability in each city and to arrange a meeting with the team, email us on sales@mrsite.co.in or call 09780531682.

Get Takeaway Website Pro for just £49.99

If you’re a HSBC business banking customer you can get Takeaway Website Pro for just £49.99 – that’s an exclusive 50% discount! Click here to find out more details about how you get your half price copy.

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