Stepney with Museum Cars

Stepney brings the travelling museum to town! A prehistoric Tyrannosaurus Rex relic has been found in the hills of Sodor and Rolf's treasure, full of gold and gems, are on display.  Stepney is trusted to safely transport these riches across the Island of Sodor for everyone to see!

Bursting with enthusiasm and always eager to please, Stepney is every engine's friend. He was saved from the scrap yards by Rusty, and now he works on a distant branch line known as the Bluebell Railway or wherever Sir Topham Hatt needs him.

He is a small engine with a tall funnel, painted in the cheery yellow livery of the London, Brighton and South Coast Railway. When he first arrived at the railway, he was a "special" on Thomas' branch line, which led to a delay for Thomas. Thomas was upset, but quickly learned to work together with Stepney.

Stepney comes with 2 museum cars. The first has a realistic unearthed T-Rex fossil! The second has colourful jewels overflowing from the chest indside!

Stepney with Museum Cars is a retired set and was never released in the UK. As such, stocks are limited and may be difficult to replace. It is however currently available from Thomas to You.

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