Rusty with Construction Cars

When there's construction work to be done, Rusty and these hard-working construction cars are called in for the job. Rusty, along with the ement car and dumper work to haul sand and cement wherever they're needed!

Rusty the diesel (not a lot of people realise he is a diesel) works on on the Skarloey Railway and hauls maintenance gangs to and fro to repair the track. He also occasionally pulls cars and, when the railway is very busy, passenger trains.

Rusty was originally black in The Railway Series, but for TV he was given an orange coat of paint. He is No. 5 on the Skarloey Railway, and often has arguments with another engine called Duncan (No. 6).

Rusty comes with 2 construction cars, one has a tipping motion to unload magnetic "sand" cargo, the other has a rotating cement mixer.

Rusty with Construction Cars is not on general release in the UK so you may not have seen them in the shops. It is however available from Thomas to You.

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