Culdee with the Apple Orchard Cars

Culdee is a sensible mountain railway train, equipped with a face at each end. He is named after Culdee Fell, the mountain his railway climbs.

He is a friendly engine, and has a lot of good advice for the other engines. He is very careful, and has never had an accident. He was one of the first engines on the line, having been built in 1896, and was used in early test runs on the line. He was also one of the last mountain engines on Sodor to travel to Switzerland for overhaul.

The set is a terrific four piece set consisting of: Culdee, a flatbed that carries a working forklift, a cargo car for the scented cargo that smells like real apples! A really terrific set in an attractive presentation box.

Culdee with the Apple Orchard Cars is not on general release in the UK so you may not have seen the set in the shops. It is however available from Thomas to You.

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