Important changes to your Mr Site mailbox



Click here for a 'how-to' guide Some important changes will be taking place to your PayPal account as of Monday 1st February 2010, 00.01 GMT. This will require you to make some urgent updates to your Mr Site account from tomorrow, Thursday 28th January 2010, otherwise you will no longer be able to accept all payments on your online shop.

PLEASE NOTE: This only applies if you have Takeaway Website Pro, with the Express Checkout option enabled. If you fail to complete these changes by 1st February 2010 some of your customers may not be able to pay for items on your website, resulting in a loss of business to you.

From Monday, PayPal will be activating a new system called '3-D Secure', which has been created by the card payments industry and is a security feature, that ensures payments using certain credit and debit cards are authenticated by the card holder with their bank at the time of purchase.

3-D Secure is the common name for the technology behind MasterCard SecureCode (MSC) and Verified by Visa (VbV). If your customer's card is enrolled with 3-D Secure, when paying they will be prompted by their bank to enter a password to verify that the purchase is authorised by the card owner before completion.

You must implement these changes on your online shop to continue taking payments from customers using MasterCard and Maestro as their payment method.

There are 4 simple stages you will need to complete before you are able to accept 3-D Secure payments; they are:

  1. Register your details with PayPal - Click here to do this

  2. Wait for a confirmation email from Cardinal Centinal (the 3-D Secure supplier)

  3. Update your Cardinal Centinal account with a new transaction password - Click here to log in

  4. Input all the relevant details into your Mr Site account - Click here to log into Mr Site

PLEASE NOTE: ALL THESE DETAILS MUST BE INPUTTED BEFORE MONDAY 1ST FEBRUARY 00.01 GMT. To start this process off, please log in to your Mr Site account tomorrow (Thursday 28th January 2010) and go to 'Extras' from the Main Options, then 'Add features', followed by 'Add/edit a shop'. Now, select '0' items to add to your cart, choose the page your shop is on and click 'Next'. If you have Express Checkout enabled you will see a tab with a small 'P' symbol PayPal in here you will see a box called 'Cardinal Commerce Details'. Click 'HERE' to get full instructions on how to complete the above steps.

If you have any questions, please email the Mr Site support team support@mrsite.co.uk or call +44 (0) 911 2230142 Monday Friday 09:30 to 17:30 (GMT) and they will gladly answer any questions.

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